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The Roguebook began as an esteemed book of lore from the world of Faeria. After the events in the Chronicles of Gagana take place, it was lost and forgotten inside the depths of a faeria well. There it lingered for over a decade.

The contact with this endless source of faeria transformed the book in a terrible way. Over time, it slowly develops its own free will - and revealed its mischievous personality. By this time, characters like Sharra and Seifer have grown into heroes and villains of legend in their own regard. Their thirst for finding new challenges will draw them to this powerful artifact, now known as the Roguebook.

The Roguebook contains the entire history of Faeria within its pages, including every legend and story that has ever been told around the campfire. Your heroes will encounter all manner of exotic beasts, endure powerful magic, and solve challenging problems.

Every time you play, the Roguebook generates a new world for you to explore. Said to contain all available knowledge in the world, rumors are whispered that those who dare to read the Roguebook can gain omniscience and attain near god-like status.

The pages within are filled with dangerous creatures, ancient legends, and exotic lands from the world of Faeria. The Roguebook itself is a mischievous entity with its own goals and motivations. It is able to rewrite itself entirely, always with the intent of tricking and fooling those who read it - trapping them for eternity.